The Canterbury Kings celebrate a wicket. Image:

McDonald's Super Smash Lucky Cards

The McDonald’s Super Smash is all about players performing at their peak in fast exciting encounters.

While the players are involved on the field, the crowd feels the emotion of every play and this season there is a whole new way for all fans to get involved.

For every McDonald’s Super Smash match each home team will have a set of Super Smash Lucky Cards that will be handed out at the match. Each of these cards have two Super Smash Plays on them that capture certain actions players can perform on the field. If one of the Super Smash Plays occur, the card holder is eligible for a prize!

But don’t worry you can also get involved with Super Smash Lucky Cards at home! Prior to each televised match lucky cards for the match will be shared on our McDonald’s Super Smash social media channels and viewers can play at home!

Now fans have a whole new way of engaging with the game. You’ve got to keep your eye on the play to make sure you don’t miss out!

Each team have different plays and players to look out for and the fast and exciting nature of the McDonald’s Super Smash means you’ve got to be on your toes.

The cards are designed for everyone to enjoy from a first timer to a veteran cricket nut.

Don’t miss out on the exciting on the edge action!

Click here for McDonald’s Super Smash Lucky Card T’s and C’s.