Fans previews with Mark from Otago and Adam from ND.

Fans' week - Otago and Northern Districts

It's the fans that make the Burger King Super Smash what it is. All this week we're talking to die-hards from around New Zealand to gauge how they're feeling before we get back underway on 22 December.

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Otago Volts and Sparks - Mark Currie  

Which team do you support and why?

Obviously Otago, they're my home team. Born and bred in Dunedin, so just a natural fit!

What's been your high point as an Otago fan? 

First was the 16 game winning streak that almost took us to the Champions League, that was a pretty special time in Otago cricket obviously, and it was really cool getting up to see them play in the middle of the night from overseas.

And then one thing my family and I have done for the last 13 or 14 summers is go on a road trip to Molyneux Park to see the Volts play, as that's usually around 28/29 December, it's always a pretty special family trip.

Will you be heading to any matches this year?

We've got a season ticket again this year, me and my old man, so we'll be at at least three or four.

What's the key to a successful day out at the park?

I like our usual spot at University Oval, we've got a season ticket so we always sit halfway along the stand, just above where the player's area is. We like to get in early and get set up, don't want to be rushing - last thing I want is to miss the first couple of overs!

Who's your player to watch in this year's BK Super Smash?

Hamish Rutherford is batting particularly well at the moment, if he can get a few knocks on the board that will really help us.

We've got a good young bowling attack - they've been around a couple of years, so Bacon, Barnes, Duffy, they're starting to really hit their straps.

For the Sparks, obviously Suzie Bates is just pure class, she's a real servant of Otago cricket.

What do you think of the alignment of men's and women's competitions this year?

It makes sense - I suspect I'll be at most of Otago's double headers! It's a good day out and the standard is getting so much better, so it should be good fun.

Who do you consider Otago's biggest rivals?

Obviously the Kings! That's just Otago v Canterbury at everything, be it rugby, football, whatever.

For a while we played the Knights in a couple of finals there, I think they beat us two or three finals in a row. I always enjoy beating them for some reason, might just be a personal thing! Plus, the Firebirds have a couple of ex-Otago lads in there now, so they're on the list!

If you could have any player in world cricket turn out for the Volts or Sparks, who would it be?

If I could have anyone, I'd love Brendon McCullum back! A full season with him would go down quite nicely. Him opening up with Ruds would be quite a sight!

How would the Volts go in the BBL or IPL?

I hate to hark back, but that Champions League team, we beat an IPL team, we only lost to an IPL team by a few, we beat Perth by plenty... I don't think the standard is that far back to be honest. I think the New Zealand competition is there or thereabouts.

Who are the real stars of NZ cricket on social media? 

Players wise, Jimmy Neesham is probably the number one Twitter guy in NZ, isn't he? For fans, there's Jess in Wellington, in Auckland there's Ruth, and Aotearoa XI... they definitely come to mind. Then Sportsfreak too!

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Northern Knights and Northern Spirit - Adam Bell

Which team do you support and why?

The Knights and the Spirit, being a proud Hamiltonian!

What's been the highlight in your time supporting them?

Definitely winning the Burger King Super Smash last year - it was an amazing atmosphere.

Will you be heading to any matches this year?


What's the key to enjoying a successful day out at the park?

Good cricket on the park is paramount, along with a good size crowd and good entertainment at the ground.

Who's your player to watch in this year's competition?

Sean Solia from the Aces  - he's been in awesome Ford Trophy, he's a guy with a lot of potential, he's a good striker of the ball, a good all rounder and I think this could be a big year for him. He could be up for a spot in the NZ T20 side if he keeps it up.

You'd also have to say Amelia Kerr, wouldn't you? She's a star performer at international level, will be great to see how she goes.

What are your thoughts on the alignment of the mens and womens competitions this year?

The double headers will attract more fans to the women's game, and it'll be easier for fans to follow and plan a big day out. In the future you could even switch it around and have the men in the morning and the women at night!

The increased exposure is great and deserved, there are more female fans than ever before and it's a growing sport in NZ participation wise too.

Who do you consider your biggest rivals?

It has to be the Stags doesn't it?

When I was growing up it was always Canterbury, I remember them smashing us in a Shell Cup game back in the day final back in the day when they had all their internationals...

I'm a bit on the fence for NZ teams, 'cos I like to see players emerge from every association!

OK - it's the Aces! Just for Hamilton / Auckland, the whole Bombays thing. They've got a big catchment area and in the past they've had some of our best players. You've got Counties / Northland and Auckland's right in the middle.

If you could have any player in world cricket turn out for the Knights or Spirit, who would it be?

I'll say Chris Gayle, without a doubt. He'd be absolutely massive, he's an entertainer on and off the field. If he was batting at Pukekura Park you'd have to wear a helmet in the crowd. Brendon McCullum would have been my other!

And Ellyse Perry for the Spirit! Amazing cricketer!

How would the Knights go in the BBL or IPL?

I think we could challenge a couple of those teams without a doubt, if you think of our team at full strength with Kane and Trent and Tim and a few of the other boys, Devcich... if you add in a couple of big names I think our teams could definitely compete over there.

For the IPL, it would be tough due to the conditions and crowds, it would depend how we adapted to the conditions. Who knows?

Who are the real stars of NZ cricket social media?

This is easy - Jimmy Neesham! Can't go away from him. Mitch McClenaghan too!

For fans, one of the guys on my show, he's a massive Daryl Mitchell fan, and was gutted he didn't make the NZ A side, his name's Rick Topham!

Anything else?

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